​​Swedish Massage 
The most popular massage, also know as a relaxation massage. Involves firm gliding with the palms and forearms. Involves squeezing and compression of the muscles. A great choice to unwind, relax and release tension.
Founded by a legend named Per Henrik Lee. A doctor who cured the Arthriths in his finers by giving massages. His fame spread to the King and Queen which led to an invitation inside the royal palace. As he performed the massage they happened to be so blown away that they insisted that he teach the people of Sweden how to massage. They ​built him an institute and thus the legend passed down his techniques to us. 

60 Minute: $65  90 Minute: $95

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​​Deep Tissue Massage 
Deep tissue is commonly requested for those who can tolerate a lot of pressure. This massage is great for very tight neck muscles, back muscles and wrists. Stubborn muscles that lock up due to overuse might require deep tissue to release tension. 

60 Minute: $80  90 Minute: $130

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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
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This new style of massage is an innovative healing technique using warm, hand-carved salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system, and meridians. This massage gently soothes away an accumulation of stress, tension, and pollution. It also increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, improves sleep, induces deep relaxation, and gives an overall sense of well-being. 

60 Minute: $85  90 Minute: $130 

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Sports Therapy
Sports therapy has two treatment. Pre-treatment and Post-treatment. Pre-treatment is a fast, rhythmic, energizing massage that invigorates the muscles. Post-treatment Is a calm centered massaged that streches and releases the muscle gently. Range of motion is tested to improve better performance. Sports massage is great way to increase your performance in any sports activity.
Client is typically clothed in sports attire for better flexibility and comfort. Assistive stretching is performed to target tight areas, client assists in the motion to stimulate muscle groups. Passive stretching is when the client completely relaxes the muscle to let the muscles stretch to its max.

60 Minute:  $70   90 Minute: $100

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Mobile Massage 
Imagine the convenience of having a massage right in your home. Set up in your living room, giving you a break from the busy schedule. Take a time to let your body unwind, relax and rest form the rush. 
Note:  Please call or email to schedule a time. 60 min and 90min massage available. A mobile massage consists of either a relaxation massage or deep tissue. If you would like the additional add-ons such as Himalayan or Hot stone, please schedule at our Healing Arts location online. 

60 Min:  $70   90 Min: $100